I have yet to be asked anything frequently. In fact, I have yet to be asked anything at all. Here are some questions answered.

Q: Aiiieeeeesshhhaaa? What a beautiful name.

A: It's "eye-shuh."

Q: Okay, Aieesha. What took you so long to get this site up?

A: A lot of self-doubt and distraction. Otherwise known as college, boys, and moving back in with the parents.

Q: Why don't you just get a real job then?

A: This is my dream! You can't tell me to abandon my dream for the sake of things like freedom and responsibility.

Q: I can't?

A: Is that your next question?

Q: No. You call this a dream?

A: It's getting there.

Q: Your coding is a mess.

A: That's not a question.

Q: Why is your coding such a mess?

A: There are a lot of girls out there who look really ugly without makeup, but, if you never see them without makeup...

Q: What does that have to do with--

A: Nevermind. Are you going to start asking me some real questions? I'm a busy girl. I just lost my gold division first place rank in SC2.

Q: I see. Well, why are you doing these vlog updates?

A: I don't like reading, which is why I like comics. I like pictures. Moving pictures are an even bigger plus. I'd do this whole thing animated if I could. Assuming my readers have a similar mindset, I'm allowing them to do as little reading as possible.

Q: Weren't you an English major in college?

A: AND a film studies major. I graduated with two degrees.

Q: Well, whoopdeedoo. You sure are smart.

A: Nah. If I was smart I would've also done a third degree in art. I didn't touch a pencil in college. I spent the last few months studying color theory and anatomy trying to catch up.

Q: I can tell.

A: Was that supposed to be a compliment or an insult?

Q: Hey. I'm the one asking the questions here. So that's four years wasted, is it?

A: Not necessarily. I wrote a lot. A LOT. The carefully constructed story and structure behind DwtD will show it.

Q: Oh yes, that's right. You stopped working on your last comic because you'd only written the first few chapters.

A: Yes, but this time I have a 127 page script that I slaved over for 8 months. Rain or shine this puppy is gonna be cranked out like a cylon in labor.

Q: I think I just lost all my faith in your writing abilities.

A: Just you wait... I'll show you. I'LL SHOW YOU ALL.

Q: Uh huh. How do I get back to the main page?

A: Click the logo at the top.