My name's Aisha and this is my webcomic.

Yes. I've been revamping it, once again! Third times a charm! A lot has happened in the last 10+ years (the year is currently 2022 (December 5th)) and the last time I updated this comic was in 2013. The main page has been hacked so my dad has to work on it a bit before it can be up and running again. This is probably a better user experience than my main page, however. It just puts you right into the comic itself. SIGH. It's like I put all this work in and there's something much better that's much easier to do... such as just putting the website update right here. ANYWAY.

If you'd like to check out what I've been up to for the last 10+ years, head on over to my main website: aishawithaneye.com

In a nutshell, I've become a stiltwalker, lightwhipper, mermaid, and music producer, I worked at Google on Gmail as its UX Design Producer and the United States Post Office as a Mail Carrier, I've been running a nonprofit "to rebuild our planet and achieve world peace," and I'm trying to court Jim Carrey. Where we currently stand is that he's put up a giant security camera facing the beach where we met. I'm not sure if that's because he's hoping to catch me or because he's worried I'll invade his home. I'm hoping to convince him to pose for me as the character of The Devil in my webcomic, to help me save the animals as Ace Ventura on my new web show, and to steal me as a mermaid from the ocean as a pirate. The best way to keep up with me is by subscribing to my Youtube Channel.

Below you will find my webcomic (thus far).

Dealing with the Devil 2.0 [2011-2013]

Scene I

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Scene II

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Scene III

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Scene IV


Dealing with the Devil 1.0 [2003-2006]