Server Crashes Galore!

OMG! I’m not dead! Not again! The server keeps crashing and I have to reload from an out of date backup. GAH. It’s okay though because LOOK there’s an update! HOLYBANANAHSODIGANOAWIEGHA! Took me forever (a year…) but it’s up. I decided I needed to lower my standards, so, those of you who are more observant, will notice that all the classroom doors lock from the inside. I guess in the event of a zombie apocalypse. I’m not sure what happened there, but if I corrected that then the corrections wouldn’t end and I’d, truly, never get the page up.

The site is looking really out of date, but I’m forcing myself not to revamp it until I AT LEAST get to page 30. Please forgive the “Start Here” button that doesn’t look like a button until then (it’s that thing right above this with the feather in the “ink”).

Here’s to working on the next page and it NOT taking another year!

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